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Clash of the Creators is a livestreaming event, originally created by Xisuma for Hermitcraft in cooperation with the Monumenta Server and Plagiatus.

Lots of creators from the minecraft community battle it out in various different challenges. Each team has their own server, but each server has the identical world.

The contest is run simultanously and in parallel with each other over a period of a few hours.

Scoring is competitive; teams are informed of other teams' completion in real time, and being the first to complete challenges yields higher scores.

The team with the highest score wins!


The people that make this event possible

Monumenta MonumentaPlugin Development, Hosting, Stuarts The Free Complete-The-Monument MMO RPG
Plagiatus PlagiatusDatapacks, Website, Twitch Extension
Dnator DnatorLogo & Promo Art
Team Monumenta
Aristotle Community Manager
Combustible Admin
Crondis Content Lead
NickNackGus Admin
rayman520 Developer
ShadowVisions Content Lead
wondersim Builder


Current and former participants of the event